I am so frustrated

I really am! I’m deeply angry and frustrated at myself. For not keeping to my own words. I told myself I would blog every one or two days but I just can’t seem to keep up with it! And now, a new idea just struck and I am doing some serious planning to make sure…

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Simple techniques to Staying Productive

In this line of work, internet marketers in this day and age needs to stay up to date and always come up with something productive. I’m not gonna lie to you that some days, we get really caught up with a lot of things to manage and that leads to creativity downfall. One of the…

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Creative Ideas

Got an Idea? Get down to it!

I am currently suffering from this so called “disease” where I usually get good ideas but I never really get my hands on it. I am pretty sure some of you can relate to it. You get an idea while walking to a destination, driving by or maybe you were just sitting down having you…

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