Putra Muzhafar
Putra Muzhafar Web Developer - Graphic Artist - User Experience Designer
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We Deeply Apologize

As of this writing, I am still building up the foundations of our company profile and therefore, we do not showcase any of our products and services just yet.

Be sure to come back and check often!


In high school, I was that kid that seemed to never be paying attention. Seemingly in my own world of doodles and drawings. I’ve had a pencil in my hand since I was in diapers. Things never change… I’m no longer in diapers though.

When I started college I originally had the idea of going into web development. After building my first website on GeoCities, and getting instant gratification of praise from others, I was hooked. The internet was my outlet. A new way to show and share my passion. Ended with Digital Audio Video Production at ITE College West instead and turned around to Web Development & UX Designing at Treehouse. I am so happy that I made that decision.

I do the work I do because I love it. I like the industry. I like the people I meet. I like to talk shop. I embrace the nerd. I like to make the web a better place. Hopefully we cross paths in the real world someday and we can make it a better place together.

Successful people don't do different things. We do things differently.

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