My Take On Society11 💀 – Honest Review

My Take On Society11 💀 – Honest Review

Since most of my awesome likeminded friends in Society11 💀 has cool reviews posted on their blog, I’ve decided to write my own up just so that I can have a cool looking post on my blog that I’ve revamped too lol.

So what is Society11 💀 or S11?

I was first introduced to S11 by my buddy, Phillip Lopez. My impression of this was that it looks somewhat like a secret organization of the Internet Marketing field and some Illuminati kind of shiz and I definitely was impressed by this sort of thing.

You know, like you’re invited to a secret party that only the cool people get to hangout at? Yeah, that’s my first impression of this until I got in…

I’m not trying to exaggerate the fact that when I first got into the members area, all I see was high quality, valuable and actionable information that’s easy to digest even by the greatest of newbies in this field. And the Facebook group? It’s the madness in there.

You may be thinking or asking, “just a facebook group community nonsense?” nah-uh bro. That’s where most people get it wrong. Andy Brocklehurst and Curt Crowley, the founders of this amazing society, are also the big minds behind this whole society. Not only that, the Facebook group speaks for itself, filled with number of big players in the field who are always providing with great content in the group, they’re always sharing the ins of their businesses.

Most of them are experienced marketers from different background and walks of life. It’s like having a mastermind session every single time I go onto Facebook on my phone to see the activity in this group.

Amazing discounts and offers?!

One of the best perks of being a paid member in this group is that other members who have a product launch planned, would sometimes get us a private discount available nowhere else. Just check out the screenshot below…

(Click to view original image)

Imagine all the new products that are about to launch and you have special access to it before anyone else. This just blows my mind. Hahah!

And one more thing, Fridays is where TGIFs at!

There’s always this weekly hangout and honestly, I’ve never been able to join because of our time difference. Well, not yet but I will join them one fine day because we’re the cool kids.

Don’t this impress you enough yet. I’m just letting you know that you can join this Illuminati Society here for a small monthly price tag. It’s less than 1 buck a day bro. What do you have to lose? You have all the crazy people in there to learn from, all the valuable content you’ll get from the members area!

Post update: If you go on to see the actual sales page right here, it’s only at $27 a month and of course, I got to be brutally honest with you, I got in at a much better deal back then when there were only a few members in there and since then, they’ve increased the price to $27/month and it will increase anytime soon. Last I heard was $97 a month and that’s capped. But let’s see where this will go.

So if you want to secure your Secret Illuminati Society11 membership and get the best out of it, I highly suggest you go do so now here because the price may increase anytime soon.

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There you go, that’s my take at reviewing Society11. I just decided to went all out and write something, create content and I don’t give a single f**k what you think about this, lol.

Any of my S11 members reading this?

Maybe you could give me a constructive feedback on what I lack, what I can do better at in the comments below and I would appreciate that.