How to Start Your Online Marketing Journey as a Complete Newbie

How to Start Your Online Marketing Journey as a Complete Newbie

You feel intimidated, right?

I know how you feel.

I was once a newbie online marketer nearly a decade ago.

Like throwing darts at a board, my hit or miss, “flip a quarter” marketing tactics all but guaranteed I’d fail.

Fail I did. Horribly. For years.

Fast forward nearly a decade. I have circled the globe for the past 6 years through my pro blogging exploits, living in places like Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica for months at a time.

I have written multiple Amazon best sellers. I have also appeared on Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, and I am soon to be featured on the wildly popular Positively Positive blog.

I went from newbie marketing dunce to established, pro blogger and marketer by finally adopting and following these tips diligently.

Follow these 7 tips to start your online marketing journey as a complete newbie.

Know Why

Know why you want to market online.

This is the most important step because if your reason why is weak, or misguided, every other step is worthless. You will quit. You will fail. You will chase money versus your passions, leading to unhappiness and most of the time, failure.

Pick a fun, freeing driver. Market to have fun. Market to spread love. Market to free yourself. Market to free your family.

Write the reason or reasons on a piece of paper. Fold it up. Carry it around with you in your pants pocket.

Let that reason be your compass, guiding you through the ups and downs you will face as a newbie online marketer.

Pick a Compassionate Mentor

This step is SO important! You are a new marketer. Meaning you need to learn how to market online from successful entrepreneurs then turn around immediately and teach folks how to market. That turnaround time should be lightning quick. Not because you are in a desperate hurry. But because you want to hit the ground running.

Look for compassionate, caring online marketing mentors through Google searches and through the Warrior Forum. Find someone who resonates with you. Follow their blog. Buy one of their courses. Purchase a few of their eBooks.

Dive in! Learn. This teacher will cut years off of your learning curve. While cheap marketers bootstrap their way to online failure, allowing their ego and wallet to call the shots, the energy and money you invest in pro leadership means you will outshine most newbie marketers.

Choose a Niche You Feel Passionate about

When you choose to market in a niche you feel passionate about the work is the reward.

So when you’re a newbie marketer, and money or traffic has yet to flow in, you will receive the reward in the form of your work, exploring your passion. Money and traffic will feel like extra. Icing on the cake. Cherry on top. Which is the *perfect* attitude you should have as a new marketer.

I love traveling. I love blogging. When I created Blogging From Paradise in 2014 the work was the reward. Money was extra. As was traffic. Naturally, since I did not desperately chase money or traffic I gave, served from a generous, largely detached space and money and traffic found me quickly and easily.

Market only your passion. Don’t chase profits. What can you talk about all day long? Sports? Fashion? Pick one topic. Blog about it. Create your own products and services based on the niche. Sell products and services as an affiliate related to your niche of choice.

Buy a Domain and Hosting

Owning a self-hosted blog is the #1 requirement of any aspiring marketer because you can sell virtually anything through a blog, and list building – a critical component of online marketing success – is a breeze through blogging as you can use eye-catching pop ups and sidebar opt in forms to grow your list.

Pay $10 to $20 USD a month for premium, quality web hosting. Buy a domain name that reflects your niche. Think short and punchy, and easy to visualize, not long, winded and hard to picture.

Buying your domain and hosting helps you build a professional brand that earns trust and credibility.

Make sure to start building your list from day 1 too. Mail Chimp allows you 2000 free subscribers. Aweber and GetResponse are 2 other excellent options. Sign up and grow that list.

Solve Reader Problems

Problem solvers profit.

As a new marketer, learning how to solve the specific problems of your targeted reader is the #1 skill to develop. Solve reader problems and you will prosper.

Brainstorm reader problems. For example, a blogging tips blogger like me sees bloggers struggling with boosting their traffic and profits. I then publish blog posts and guest posts about how to boost your blog traffic and profits. Which boosts my traffic, grows my email list and increases my profits.

Solve problems through your blog posts, through videos and through niche specific online forums like The Warrior Forum.

Promote Other Marketers as Much as You Promote Yourself

This idea seemed alien to me as a new marketer. I was worried about myself. I focused only on me.

After years of horrific struggles I finally got it: if you aggressively promote 50 or 100 or 500 other marketers, you become friends with 25 or 100 or 300 other marketers. Or more. These marketers will promote you in return, expanding your reach far and wide, boosting your credibility and yes, padding your marketing pockets.

Retweet other marketers. Feature other marketers on your blog. Help other marketers in as many ways as possible. Make friends. See why wealthy people build networks and everybody else tries to do it on their own.

Add 1 Income Stream Every 3-6 Months

This one trips up most online marketing newbs.

Like the Baby Bear and its porridge your income streams need to be “just right”.

Don’t add too many streams as a newbie. Start off with 1. Learn it. Study it. Apply it. Make some money through the stream. Add 1 stream every 3-6 months after that.

Don’t avoid adding an income stream because you are new to the marketing game. Monetize from Day 1. This sets a precedent that your followers will appreciate; you are a pro marketer. An online entrepreneur. Let ‘em know this by acting like a pro from the first day of your online career by adding 1 income stream to your arsenal.

Ideas: affiliate marketing, writing and self-publishing eBooks, creating online courses, offering coaching and freelancing services. Yes, even as a new marketer you can begin learning how to coach others. Have posture! Learn, study, and within a few months you can consult by helping complete newbie marketers learn the ropes.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

Feel free to add or share your tips by commenting on this post down below – I’m always happy to hear what you have to say.