What Are Your Habits For Success?

What Are Your Habits For Success?

Coming so close! Yeah, 2018 is just a few hours ahead and I definitely have to ask – what have you got in plan for massive success in 2018?

Like my last post, we discussed about creating a vision board for yourself.

Since approaching the new year with a “new me” kind of mindset, I started thinking about all the habits I have both bad and good ones. One of them is procrastinating. Can you relate that with me?

I am a massive procrastinator. Trust me. I tell myself to read the books I owned which I don’t read so often but in my mind, that voice keeps telling me “you can read that later.” Blaming that voice when the actual fault is me…lol.

I am very sure you fall victim to this as well.

So what’s my plan for this?

I will dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes a day committing to reading a few pages of the books on my shelf. Digest the information and ensure that I have indeed learned something from it and then applying it.

Which means = taking massive action. Which for some people, are lacking.

So find out what is lacking in areas of your life. Create a habit (a good one that is) and keep practicing it. The only way for one to get used to something is practice.

Perfect practice makes perfect habits…

Let me share some of the books I have planned on reading everyday starting tonight.


“Good to Great” by Jim Collins

“Expert Secrets” by Russell Brunson

Post Update

Another thing I love do to when I’ve cleared up my work and resting, is reading articles from Pinterest. You will be surprised as you can find a lot of Pins on there are actually valuable!

Go here to my Pinterest page and see what Pins I have saved! Maybe you will find one or two articles you might enjoy! Be sure to follow me on there!

How You Can End 2017 On A High Note and Aim High For 2018!

How You Can End 2017 On A High Note and Aim High For 2018!

This is not your typical boring new year’s resolution type of post. Or “have you set a goal in mind for 2018” kinda thing.

I’m talking about realistically feeling great and ambitious about ending your 2017 on a high note and keeping your goals and achievement on track for 2018.

Recently, I took part in a 4-Day Vision Board Challenge hosted and organized by a very reputable mentor of mine and speaker here in Singapore, Vicky Vaswani, where a group of 300 plus members from around the world took up on the challenge to create a vision board for 2018.

So what is a Vision Board, Putra?

In simple terms, a vision board is a board for your vision. Yeah I said simple terms, what did you expect? 😜

Fine… A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

But what’s different than creating one on your own and being in a group and each individual set a goal to create a vision board…well, what I can say is taking part in this challenge with people from around the world, people from all walks of life, people of different ethnic and age group makes the difference.

Throughout the journey, I’ve learned a lot about other people and also see things from their perspective. Seeing how people get creative on putting their heart out for a vision board is truly a unique experience.

Here’s a screenshot of the comments on the last day of the challenge where all of us had to submit and showcase our vision board…

That is just a glimpse and a handful! Everyone’s vision board is totally unique and very very personal!

I’m guessing you’re a little curious as to how mine turn out to be, right? Here’s mine…

Ohhh yeaaahhhh!

Having it digitally is awesome. You can set it as your phone’s wallpaper and when you turn to your phone, BOOM! Your vision board is there. Works as a reminder and keep it keeps your subconscious mind fresh and always having your vision in it.

But I went a step further and PRINT THIS BEAST!


By having created and printed my digital vision board, I realized one thing. Seeing what your heart’s desires and your dreams in front of you, you will feel that your goals are suddenly attracted to you.

I started feeling and I know what I need to do to achieve my goals.

Create one for yourself and start envisioning your goals. You will realize that your goals are a grasp away, you just need to put in the effort and taking one step at a time…

How To Be More Focused And Get Distractions Away

How To Be More Focused And Get Distractions Away

Definitely hard to come up with content ideas but when you start getting started, you won’t want to stop. I made a deal with the devil…

I’m just kidding!

I want to be a better me – and start doing things right, without doing the right things. You heard me right 😜 So what I did is came up with a plan for every month starting today for the rest of December and the upcoming 2018.

Planned out the things I want to get things up and running but mostly for my health – planning my workout routines when I have an off day from work.

With that in mind, I shot a quick video for you and it’s up on youtube. I might as well just embed it here for ya… Enjoy the video below!