If you’re frustrated and annoyed at not making anything work for yourself or you are just dumbfounded by the simple fact that making money online is relatively challenging – then I can 100% understand you.

Because, I have been in that position many times and sometimes I find myself in that rabbit hole from time to time.

You’re stuck


And I have the solution to that problem at hand. The answer is simple.

Believing in something enough for it to work…

You’re stuck because you feel like what people say and do totally contradicts them. Now I feel this way too sometimes. But the truth of the matter is, it will work – you just gotta keep it consistent and make it work.

The three core fundamentals of making money online is actually damn simple.

  1. You got to have a medium (hosting) where your presence is.
  2. You need an offer (something to sell)
  3. You need traffic (which there are unlimited number of traffic)

If you think you overcomplicate things way too much, trust me, I’ve been there. But as for me, I’m kind of a perfectionist and I will never stop at trying to perfect things until I’m truly satisfied.

That itself is a disease!

Let’s just talk a little about each points I’ve mentioned above…

Point 1; You need an online presence! So people know that you are real. It’s basically putting yourself out there as the upfront of your business.

People only buy from people that they like and trust and with today’s modern technology, you can achieve that in matter of seconds!

Point 2; You need something to sell. Be it tangible or digital, your choice! If your product or service solves a certain pain point and problem in someone’s lives, it sells. Simple don’t you think?

Point 3; You need eye balls to your offer. No point having a good product but no one knows about it, right? Duh!

Again, let’s not overcomplicate things too much for you and me. Just building your own foundation with this 3 key points is enough. Don’t dive too deep into thinking “is my optin page converting?” too much.

Just do these important task and find what works best for you. Because in marketing, what works for you might not work best for me.

It takes patience and a lot of testing.