About Putra Muzhafar

Hi, I’m Putra. And here’s my story…

Born and raised in Singapore since 1994. Raised and fed by the most supportive parents anyone could ask for.

During the period of high-school from year 2007-2010, my passion for Internet Marketing sparked in me like magic, and I knew that this was something I would do for a living.

While growing up, my parents worked hard for income by running a food business. Like many businesses out there, we failed and failed many times before. I’ve seen the hardship both my mom and dad faced.

I decided to use my knowledge and skill to build something up for myself and also support my family financially.

In 2013, I was enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces after graduating from college, to serve a mandatory 2 years service of conscript military as a Singaporean Son.

2 years being away from my family was the toughest part of my life, but I truly enjoyed it nevertheless. I met different people from all walks of life and learned to appreciate ones company through hardships.

Why listen to me?

Even if I tell you I want to help you make a million dollars overnight. Would you listen to me? No.

But I can tell you, my mission and purpose in life is to inspire enough people to move forward even if it’s just by 1%. It tickles me to know that I’ve done my part by instilling that spark or fire in you.

I’m Everywhere

Coffee Talk with Putra Muzhafar is officially on Apple Podcast.