I made this page not to bore you with my life story like the ones you always hear how this person from living with a debt to finally break his bank and making millions of dollars overnight.

Nah, that’s not me.

Putra MuzhafarHey, Putra here…

I’m just an ordinary boy(although I’m already 23) living by and just making ends meet. I have a day job which requires me to travel almost every day in and out of my home country, Singapore.

You may say that it’s not bad of a job to be flying here and there. Well, I’m not a pilot neither do I have a license to fly a jetliner.

You’ve guessed it – I’m just an ordinary flight attendant. Serving coffee and tea are in my field of expertise(I’m just kiddin’) and keeping you safe at all times.

Before this…Army

I was serving my country in the military as it was a mandatory thing for every Singaporean son who reaches the age 18, has to serve the country in National Service.

But it was way back in High School when this whole internet marketing game came in for me and it just started rolling down the hill… I just had this love for computers, websites, and all that tech-ish crap.

When I first got started…

It was all a different ball game back then. I learned how to create a blog with Blogger when it was so popular back in the days – so I ended up learning how to write code a little here and there.

Then I found Google Adsense where I can monetize my website and display ads on my blog so that when my visitors click on those ads, I’ll be rewarded with cash. Seriously, I never thought that this whole journey would take me here.

My goal is…

To make enough money online that can replace my current job’s income and give my family the life they deserve. I am not under appreciating what we have, I just believe and I know for a fact that we deserve to live a life on our own terms.

So my main mission is to help one person at a time, build their successful online business. I mean cmon – let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to make a job replacing income and live their lives on their own terms right?

Trust me when I say…

I’ve been where you were…

I failed miserably in life one too many times – but I never give up because this is definitely something that I aim for in my life.

Honestly, I’m glad…

That you’ve made it all the way down here reading my page. Which means one thing – you trust me and that you’d do anything under the sun for me 😉 Heehee

Seriously, thank you so much for dropping by and giving my handsome face a visit.

I will see you on the beaches of the world!