Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

I recently came across this great video showcasing the Top 5 WordPress Plugins that you must have as an affiliate marketer.

Let’s jump right into the video and check out my notes below!

Here’s the video description I took off of Youtube.

In this video, I reveal the top 5 WordPress plugins you should be using on all of your affiliate sites and blogs. I also reveal 2 killer Amazon affiliate programs you should use on your Amazon sites.

So what are the best WordPress plugins you should be using as an affiliate marketer?


Here are the ones:

All in One SEO – I use this plugin on EVERY single one of my affiliate blogs the moment I create them. This plugin will dramatically increase your search engine traffic, so it makes sense to install it right away.

JetPack by WordPress – This is a plugin that I wish was around years ago when I first started affiliate marketing. This plugin suite comes complete with traffic generation tools, traffic analytics, backup and security tools, and more. This is a highly recommended plugin.

Amazon Link – This plugin allows you to embed a slue of different Amazon advertising tools into your blogs. This is just one of those tools that can help you increase your Amazon affiliate commissions from day one, so I install this on all my affiliate blogs.

Easy Affiliate Links – One of biggest headaches of managing a bunch of affiliate blogs is managing affiliate links. This tool will help you manage your links so that you can easily modify them from one convenient place.

Amazon Link Engine – This tool will help you localize your amazon affiliate links based on the website visitors geographic location. This can help you increase your Amazon sales 10-15% just by enabling it. I highly recommend this plugin.

What I love about this video is that it entails to affiliate marketing in general and for anyone in other niches or sub-niches, can always use these plugins as a starting ground.

What he shared most are plugins to link to and from Amazon. Especially your affiliate links.

It works the same in the IM/MMO niche for us too.

If you find this video post any useful to you, do comment below to tell me what your favourite plugin is 🙂

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