How To Become Great At Something

I have been following James Clear since I read his book Atomic Habits. A follow of his email list and I must say that his content is really awesome.

The idea of getting good at something isn’t so fantastic because we subconsciously know that we need to put in effort.

But he gives this a different approach…

Your first blog post won’t be good. But your 1000th will.

Your first workout will be weak. But your 1000th will be stronger.

It’s all about putting in effort to make things easy for yourself, to the point that you can’t help it but to simply just do it as Nike says.a

The Compound Effect

So last night as I was about to get ready for bed, I was scrolling through my emails and opened an email of a newsletter from Medium and this particular published article caught my eye.

It was about writing and how it changed the life, for the author.

I’m not a writer, but I blog. I’m just merely getting my thoughts out to words and these words I write – I have one intention for the reader and that is, to actually entice you to read on.

Amazing to think of it this way huh?

So what exactly is the compound effect?

It’s the idea of actually getting a small task complete over and over again to see the huge results it has made. Like writing, a writer needs to keep writing and perfect a craft.

But what really caught me was that, he goes to mention about stealing other writers’ style of writing, to eventually get your own style.

That’s kinda cool. I never thought of that because we’re so bound to keep churning out new things, new original ideas but think again, Microsoft and Apple are no two original ideas. It’s just what you add to make it your twist. Mind blown right there.

Where else can you apply this?

Fitness, health, personal development and the list goes on.

I get that sometimes you just feel like there is no point of doing something and that it leads to nothing. It really goes back to the belief that the effort you put in now, is going to give you a better result a month later, a year later etc.

The effort you put in now, is going to give you a better result a month later, a year later etc…

Putra Muzhafar

Start by actually realizing that every step you take is still a step taken forward.

I’m writing. I’m improving myself. I am literally training myself to convert my thoughts into words.

Keep smiling. Chin up and always remember – Be grateful. Be-YOU-tiful.

Build Your Own Profitable PLR Store

Build Your Own Profitable PLR Store

By Arun Chandran…

I got to credit where credit is due. Andy Brocklehurst, thank you for the email you sent out. This whole post is inspired by Arun’s Flaming PLR Store.

If you’re in any business, selling products (digital products) and the like, you will soon notice that you need content from various sources you can get.

However, if you are one of those who are interested in setting up a business to sell quality content and sell the rights to use the content is however the purchaser wishes, this post is for you.

Included in that post are 5 high quality content videos made by Arun himself explaining in details the technical know-how’s of setting up an online store.

I’m really glad to have found this and be able to share with you. If you enjoyed the post by Arun, leave a comment on his post and tell him “Putra sent me.”

What is Stopping You from Making Cash Online?

What is Stopping You from Making Cash Online?

Have you ever wandered off to some mysterious place in your mind and wonder, “How do I make money online?” Well, the answer is right there where you left it.

Your idea, your empire, your digital assets, it is all right there where it was. You just left it behind and did nothing with it. But the main question is, What is stopping you?

I may not have or know the answer to that, because you might just be the one with the answer!

What works? What doesn’t? Have you ever tried a simple technique or method taught in that last shiny object you bought?

I love how marketing works because this is not one size fits all king of thing. I may be successful at something here online, but you might find it rather daunting and hard to achieve the same level of result as I did.

Because the truth of the matter is, you need to actually start doing something to find the right way to success! Yes I may have a blueprint and an idea that is well suited for some stuff. But you still need to put in the work and effort into it.

This post may sound like it’s repeating the things you already knew, I bet. So you now know that answer! Get to it.

What is Your Why?

What is Your Why?

Hello there! It’s Putra again back from the ether space of the internet!

It has been a wonderful phase of 2018 so far with some pitfalls me and my family experienced.

Other than that, I have been doing exceptionally great online as I was challenged by my mentor to do Facebook Lives!

If you’re keen to find out more about that, please add me on Facebook and check out the hashtag, #7Days7Minutes which I did.

Apart from that, I’ve been also catching up with my online presence and have been doing a lot of mind mastery to overcome all challenges and hurdles may come my way.

That the reason why I titled this post “What is Your Why?”

Check out my Facebook Profile Cover photo and read the caption I wrote for that photo.

If you understand that I meant by it, do leave a comment on that photo and let me know What is Your Why?

Writing this post as the last post for February because I’ve been trying to catch up with blogging – along with other projects I am part of online.

I can tell you that 2018 will be the best year ever. I am so laser focused on achieving my goals I have set for this year so brace yourself for all the new content and material that I am about to unleash!

What Are Your Habits For Success?

What Are Your Habits For Success?

Coming so close! Yeah, 2018 is just a few hours ahead and I definitely have to ask – what have you got in plan for massive success in 2018?

Like my last post, we discussed about creating a vision board for yourself.

Since approaching the new year with a “new me” kind of mindset, I started thinking about all the habits I have both bad and good ones. One of them is procrastinating. Can you relate that with me?

I am a massive procrastinator. Trust me. I tell myself to read the books I owned which I don’t read so often but in my mind, that voice keeps telling me “you can read that later.” Blaming that voice when the actual fault is me…lol.

I am very sure you fall victim to this as well.

So what’s my plan for this?

I will dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes a day committing to reading a few pages of the books on my shelf. Digest the information and ensure that I have indeed learned something from it and then applying it.

Which means = taking massive action. Which for some people, are lacking.

So find out what is lacking in areas of your life. Create a habit (a good one that is) and keep practicing it. The only way for one to get used to something is practice.

Perfect practice makes perfect habits…

Let me share some of the books I have planned on reading everyday starting tonight.


“Good to Great” by Jim Collins

“Expert Secrets” by Russell Brunson

Post Update

Another thing I love do to when I’ve cleared up my work and resting, is reading articles from Pinterest. You will be surprised as you can find a lot of Pins on there are actually valuable!

Go here to my Pinterest page and see what Pins I have saved! Maybe you will find one or two articles you might enjoy! Be sure to follow me on there!