Okay guys, here’s some juicy valuable information you can’t get elsewhere – I promise. But maybe, just maybe 🤔 you’ve heard about this somewhere. You’re not to blame or so am I lol. I just want to share a little bit of my secret sauce – something I am using myself.

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

You can click that link which leads you to Wikipedia where the information is but here’s my view on it… See we work at home on our online businesses right?

But there’s this one thing that always keeps us away from getting our work done right – DISTRACTION – and if you’re like me(maybe not, lol) always getting caught into the zone where you lose focus on what you were doing then snapping back into it when you realized “why the hell am I doing this?

Yes I admit, sometimes I lose focus and end up scrolling through Facebook feed for no reason at all – unless of course I’m scrolling through the Illuminati Group, Society11 – then that’s a different story.

This is where the famous Pomodoro Technique comes in. It is where you break up your workload into chunks of time frame. For example; 30 minutes work -> 5 minutes break -> 30 minutes work – so on and so forth.

Now, by doing this you’re actually making yourself more focused on getting your work done than straying away into the corner of Facebook.

Trust me, I’ve been doing this for the couple of weeks, then stopping for a short while to see what difference it did in my life and I must say… A lot has changed. I am using this technique not only to have breaks in between my work but to also force myself to do some pushups and situps because I got to keep fit lol 💪🏻😋

And the difference? I become more focused on completing tasks, never delay something and my arms are getting bigger.

So here’s what I use to track this (and it’s free)

This freebie app that I use is called Timeout by Dejal.

(click here to download Timeout by Dejal for free)

Oh and I forgot to mention that this is only available only for Mac users. Sorry Windows! But alternatively, you can search on googlio for a Timeout alternative on Windows and I bet you’ll find one that suits you best.

Go ahead, download and install this on your Macbook or iMac and give it a try for a few days. The first time I used this, I set to a break of 120 second in intervals of 15 minutes and my arms were getting sore so I had to increase my work time.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments section below and if you love it, do tell!