This definitely has got something to do with #society11 for sure because that’s what I’ve been raving about all this time. Society 11, Society 11, S11 – nothing else. You should check out my post about it if you’re reading this because members of the society is ever growing and each of us a benefiting from it like hot potatoes since the price increase!

In there, one of the co founders talked about what I’m sharing with you guys today and it’s about¬†taking action. Taking massive action! Because there is no other equation that is relatively close to this one;

“Action Takers = Money Makers”

It’s so powerful, I know! That’s why I am very excited to share this with you! Making money online has never been easier – in fact, it has gotten a lot easier when I first got started! But for most newbies (we understand) who just started to linger around the IM space and reading information from all sorts of resources can get overwhelmed easily. Close to being information overload…

Here’s my take on this – I’ve bought countless of info products online and I can’t tell you exactly how many of them I have and how much money I have spent throughout my time online.

I’ll be honest with you, I had the “shiny object syndrome” and I’ve suffered from it quite badly! I would but every new product that launches and whoever emailed me first about it, I had no hesitation from clicking that buy button. But that’s the old me. I’m completely different now and I’ve had a massive perspective change on this whole game.

I just has to start doing something instead of buying every new shit that comes out! Heck, some of them were even PLR crap and rehashed product from 2002!

We just need to understand…

that it’s so simple now to create new content, fresh ideas that helps solve a problem. I started re-studying my angle on internet marketing. I realized that I love to click on buy buttons, why don’t I create a buy button for a product that people love?

Started by doing videos online teaching some tech skills I knew from before and it just starts snowballing from there. Start a blog, write and create your own unique content and people will start to see who you are and trust you!

Now trust me when I say, stop buying and start doing. Take action and every step you take action, you’ll learn more from doing than buying new things that comes out.

Start creating content, publish it.

Make a video, upload it.

Go live on Facebook and start talking and interacting with your circle of friends. Better yet, join the one and only Internet Marketing Illuminati Society and start building relationships which would last a lifetime! Start by helping someone out who is struggling – that’s what you should do!

I’m going to end this blog post by ranting a little although I feel like I’ve ranted throughout this post.

Start doing! Start taking massive action!