So last night as I was about to get ready for bed, I was scrolling through my emails and opened an email of a newsletter from Medium and this particular published article caught my eye.

It was about writing and how it changed the life, for the author.

I’m not a writer, but I blog. I’m just merely getting my thoughts out to words and these words I write – I have one intention for the reader and that is, to actually entice you to read on.

Amazing to think of it this way huh?

So what exactly is the compound effect?

It’s the idea of actually getting a small task complete over and over again to see the huge results it has made. Like writing, a writer needs to keep writing and perfect a craft.

But what really caught me was that, he goes to mention about stealing other writers’ style of writing, to eventually get your own style.

That’s kinda cool. I never thought of that because we’re so bound to keep churning out new things, new original ideas but think again, Microsoft and Apple are no two original ideas. It’s just what you add to make it your twist. Mind blown right there.

Where else can you apply this?

Fitness, health, personal development and the list goes on.

I get that sometimes you just feel like there is no point of doing something and that it leads to nothing. It really goes back to the belief that the effort you put in now, is going to give you a better result a month later, a year later etc.

The effort you put in now, is going to give you a better result a month later, a year later etc…

Putra Muzhafar

Start by actually realizing that every step you take is still a step taken forward.

I’m writing. I’m improving myself. I am literally training myself to convert my thoughts into words.

Keep smiling. Chin up and always remember – Be grateful. Be-YOU-tiful.