Coming so close! Yeah, 2018 is just a few hours ahead and I definitely have to ask – what have you got in plan for massive success in 2018?

Like my last post, we discussed about creating a vision board for yourself.

Since approaching the new year with a “new me” kind of mindset, I started thinking about all the habits I have both bad and good ones. One of them is procrastinating. Can you relate that with me?

I am a massive procrastinator. Trust me. I tell myself to read the books I owned which I don’t read so often but in my mind, that voice keeps telling me “you can read that later.” Blaming that voice when the actual fault is me…lol.

I am very sure you fall victim to this as well.

So what’s my plan for this?

I will dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes a day committing to reading a few pages of the books on my shelf. Digest the information and ensure that I have indeed learned something from it and then applying it.

Which means = taking massive action. Which for some people, are lacking.

So find out what is lacking in areas of your life. Create a habit (a good one that is) and keep practicing it. The only way for one to get used to something is practice.

Perfect practice makes perfect habits…

Let me share some of the books I have planned on reading everyday starting tonight.


“Good to Great” by Jim Collins

“Expert Secrets” by Russell Brunson

Post Update

Another thing I love do to when I’ve cleared up my work and resting, is reading articles from Pinterest. You will be surprised as you can find a lot of Pins on there are actually valuable!

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