Trust me when I say, I’m not a good writer nor do I know how to write a good blog post. I’m the least favourite or should I say, last person you would come to and ask for advice on writing.

But this is the sort of thing that if you continue to do more of, you will get good at it. Heck, you’ll be the master at it!

Just like sex…lol. Fact, right? You’re not good at it the first time. Or are you?

But you get better at it the more you do it or practice it.

The kind of questions I get the most from people around me are sort of mind boggling to me. Because for some time, I’ve not really got a good ground base at this internet marketing game – because like you, I’m just any other normal guy who gets overwhelmed easily by a lot of things.

That’s why I wanted to write this post to share with you some of the things that we actually do – that being one of the reasons why, another would be because I have friends who think we just sit in our lazy couches at home and just do nothing to make money work for us online.

But that’s not the case here…

There is a lot of work that goes into building an online business. For example, the one most crucial and essential part of your online journey is building a list. A list of loyal subscribers who wants to learn from you. Who wants to buy from you.

“List Building…”

When I first got started, I thought building a list was just listing from 1 through 10 and writing down the programs that I’m with or make the most money from. Told ya, even I make the craziest mistakes.

So when I finally came around to figuring out that building a list is actually really simple.

You build a list of a loyal tribe who is always waiting for your next action or move. What’s the next big thing that you’re providing to your list.

Which leads us to the next point.

“Building Relationships…”

I must say that this is also an integral part of your success in your online business.

You can’t just be building a list and keep selling the next shiny object that comes out.

It boils down to how successful you build your relationship with your subscribers, your list.

Are you the kind of person that just sits there and mails your list to a product offer that you are affiliated with and wait for your subscribers to buy from you?

Well, it doesn’t work that way – like I said, it takes a lot of work building your online empire. Creating solid relationships with your list is critical.

You want to be seen as someone who is knowledgeable in what you preach – or should I say, the professional. People value someone who provides value in their life.

“Being The Mentor They Need…”

Sometimes it all begins with you mentoring someone. Teaching them something simple like starting up a wordpress blog, how to buy a domain name or setup hosting.

You could do just that and build yourself a list because you’re providing massive value to others by showing how to do a simple task.

I had a friend who already left the internet marketing game for quite sometime to pursue his hacking career. Yeah he’s a genius – but he shared one thing with me before and I believe anyone in this online sphere would agree with me when I say, problem solvers make the most money.

Everyone has a problem, right? Solve them for people – they’ll thank you for the rest of their lives!

So what is it that we do online?

Mostly the part about making money online is a generalised term. But I would say it’s definitely about building cherishable relationships with your peers online and helping each other solve a certain issue while making money on the sideline of it all.

It’s fascinating to see what powers you have when you build a list and have a good relationship with your tribe.

So what’s your biggest confusion when it comes to building a solid income online? Write your frustration in the comments below – I’m excited to see the answers you guys have 🙂