Have you ever wandered off to some mysterious place in your mind and wonder, “How do I make money online?” Well, the answer is right there where you left it.

Your idea, your empire, your digital assets, it is all right there where it was. You just left it behind and did nothing with it. But the main question is, What is stopping you?

I may not have or know the answer to that, because you might just be the one with the answer!

What works? What doesn’t? Have you ever tried a simple technique or method taught in that last shiny object you bought?

I love how marketing works because this is not one size fits all king of thing. I may be successful at something here online, but you might find it rather daunting and hard to achieve the same level of result as I did.

Because the truth of the matter is, you need to actually start doing something to find the right way to success! Yes I may have a blueprint and an idea that is well suited for some stuff. But you still need to put in the work and effort into it.

This post may sound like it’s repeating the things you already knew, I bet. So you now know that answer! Get to it.