Hello there! It’s Putra again back from the ether space of the internet!

It has been a wonderful phase of 2018 so far with some pitfalls me and my family experienced.

Other than that, I have been doing exceptionally great online as I was challenged by my mentor to do Facebook Lives!

If you’re keen to find out more about that, please add me on Facebook and check out the hashtag, #7Days7Minutes which I did.

Apart from that, I’ve been also catching up with my online presence and have been doing a lot of mind mastery to overcome all challenges and hurdles may come my way.

That the reason why I titled this post “What is Your Why?”

Check out my Facebook Profile Cover photo and read the caption I wrote for that photo.

If you understand that I meant by it, do leave a comment on that photo and let me know What is Your Why?

Writing this post as the last post for February because I’ve been trying to catch up with blogging – along with other projects I am part of online.

I can tell you that 2018 will be the best year ever. I am so laser focused on achieving my goals I have set for this year so brace yourself for all the new content and material that I am about to unleash!

Putra Muzhafar
Putra Muzhafar

Putra is an online marketer and product creator. He prides himself for being able to serve in an elite battalion in the Singapore Armed Forces for two years as a compulsory service for every Singaporean born son. He is now on his journey to make and create financial freedom through his vast marketing skills and content creation. Slowly dissecting the ever so growing learning curve and passing on the message to people who are just starting online...